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03-24-2020, 11:59 AM
In order to maintain a traceable link for each trade and transaction, executed in the stock market (https://www.nccpl.com.pk/en/products-services/products-services-1/unique-identification-number-uin), NCCPL provides a centralized mechanism for the registration of investors in NCSS (https://www.nccpl.com.pk/en/products-services/products-services-1/en/about-us/rules-n-regulations/ncss-procedures-1) by assigning UIN.
Clients of Members are categorized in the following manner:

Individual Pakistani Citizen
Individual Foreigner/overseas Pakistani citizens/Non-Pakistani residing in Pakistan

Corporate/individual - Broker
Corporate – Company
Corporate – fund/other organization

All registered UINs are provided to the stock exchange by NCCPL and stock exchanges link up the UINs with the trading systems at their end and it is mandatory for the Members to enter client code / ID having such UIN while placing any order in the trading system. The trading systems of the stock exchanges verify the client code / ID with the UIN registration details on Pre-trade basis and reject any order failing this validation. For more details visit:https://www.nccpl.com.pk/en/products-services/products-services-1/unique-identification-number-uin