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Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Part 20

Shaykh Osman Sayrifini and Shaykh Abdul Haq Harimi Radi ALLAH u anhum stated:
"We were present before Sayyedina Hazrat Ghaus al Azam (RA) in his Madrassa on the third of Safar 555 AH, when Hazrat suddenly got up with his wooden sandals under his feet and performed ablution. He offered two Rakats of prayers and with a loud shout threw one of the sandals into the air. It disappeared from our sight. With another shout, his Holiness threw the other sandal into the air, which also disappeared. None present dared question 'Ghaus al Azam' on the incident. But thirty days after this incident a caravan came to Baghdad from Ajam and said that they had brought some presents for Hazrat. Hazrat permitted the acceptance of the presents of valuable things and there were also the same pair of sandals which were thrown in the air by Hazrat. They related that on the third of Safar when they were travelling, a gang suddenly attacked them and plundered their merchandise and murdered some of them in the caravan. The gang then entered the jungle to divide the booty. They then had halted at the outskirts of the jungle and it struck them to solicit the help of Hazrat Ghaus al Azam(RA). Just at that time they had heard two loud shouts which reverberated throughout the jungle. They had mistaken the shouts as the aftermath of a scuffle between the gang that attacked us and a stronger gang of Arabs. We were terror stricken. Some members of the gang came to us and said that a calamity had befallen them and requested us to take back the plundered goods. We went to the place where the booty was lying divided and saw two of their leaders lying dead and the two sandals lying close by.
We owe the following report to the three Sheikhs Abu 's-Sa'ud 'Abdu'llah, Muhammad al-Awani, and 'Umar al-Barraz (may ALLAH be well pleased with them all):
"Our master Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir has guaranteed to his pupils, until the Day of Resurrection [Yawm al-Qiyama], that not a single one of them will die without being in a state of repentance. He has also given the assurance that his pupils, and his pupils' pupils through seven stages of succession, will enter the Garden of Paradise. He said: 'I am a surety for my pupils' pupils through seven stages. If a defect became apparent in a pupil of mine in the West, while I was in the East, I would cause it to be concealed. We must make it our business to direct our endeavors, to the fullest possible extent, toward safeguarding the welfare of our companions. Fortunate indeed is he who has seen me, and how sorry I feel for him who has not seen me!'
"May ALLAH be well pleased with him, and may He also be well pleased with us, because of him!"
Shaikh 'Ali al-Qurashi has told us: "Our master Hazrat Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir (may ALLAH be well pleased with him) once said: 'I was handed a scroll [sijill] that stretches as far as the eye can see, containing a list of the names of my companions and my pupils till the Day of Resurrection [Yawm al-Qiyama], and I was told: "They have all been granted to you."'"

“My Foot is on the necks of all Awliya”
Huzoor Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani Al-Hassani wal Hussaini- (RA) son, Shaikh 'Abdu'llah, was present when his father made his famous declaration.
[Shaikh Majid al-Kurdi added]: "When I asked Shaikh 'Abdu'llah, the son of our master Hazrat Shaikh Sayyed Abd al-Qadir (may ALLAH be well pleased with him): 'Were you present at the session [majlis] at which your father said: "This foot of mine is upon the neck of every saint of ALLAH ,"' he replied: 'Yes I was, and those in attendance at that session included approximately fifty Sheikhs, from among those most highly distinguished.'"
It was Shaikh al-Qudwa [the Exemplary Guide] Abu Sa'id al-Qailawi who said: "When Huzoor Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir (may ALLAH be well pleased with him) declared: 'This foot of mine is upon the neck of every saint of ALLAH ,' the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He) made Himself manifest upon his heart, and a robe of honor was conveyed to him from ALLAH 's Messenger (ALLAH bless him and give him peace), through the agency of a party of the angels who are brought near [to the Lord].
"He donned this robe in the presence of all the saints [Awliya'], those of former times and those more recent, those still alive in their physical bodies and those [physically] dead [but alive] in their spirits. The angels and the men of the Unseen [rijal al-Ghaib] were circling around his session, stationed in the air in ranks, so that the horizon was obstructed by them. There was not a single saint [Wali] anywhere on the earth, who did not bend his neck toward him. May ALLAH be well pleased with him!"
"'More than one of them asserted that Huzoor Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani Al-Hassani wal Hussaini- (Radi ALLAH-u ta'ala anhu)did not utter this declaration without having received a command [from the Lord] to do so. Among those who made this assertion are:
*Shaikh 'Adi ibn Musafir *Shaikh Abu Sa'id al-Qailawi *Shaikh 'Ali ibn al-Hiti *Shaikh Ahmad ibn ar-Rifa'i *Shaikh Abu 'l-Qasim al-Basri *Shaikh Hayat al-Harrani. "'They also maintained that he was given permission to dismiss [from their position of sainthood] any of the saints [Awliya'] who might find fault with him for making his declaration.'"
According to another report, Shaikh Lu'lu' al-Armani said: "I saw the saints in the East and the West, all bowing their heads in profound humility, with the solitary exception of a man in Persia. He did not do it, so his spiritual state evaporated and deserted him. Among those Sheikhs who did bend their necks at that moment, we should mention:
*Shaikh Baqa ibn Batu *Shaikh Abu Sa'id al-Qailawi *Shaikh 'Ali ibn al-Hiti *Shaikh Ahmad ibn ar-Rifa'i, who stretched out his nape and exclaimed: '[That foot is] upon my neck!' When someone asked him what he was doing, he explained: 'Just now, in Baghdad, Huzoor Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani Al-Hassani wal Hussaini- (Radi ALLAH-u ta'ala anhu) has declared: "This foot of mine is upon the neck of every saint of ALLAH."' *Shaikh 'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tafsunji *Shaikh Abu 'n-Najib as-Suhrawardi, who tilted his head so low that it almost touched the ground, as he exclaimed: '[That foot is] upon my head!'
It was Shaikh 'Ali ibn Idris al-Ya'qubi who said: "Shaikh 'Ali ibn al-Haiti was once asked a question, while I was listening, about the spiritual path [Tariqa] of our master, Huzoor Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani Al-Hassani wal Hussaini- (Radi ALLAH-u ta'ala anhu). He said in reply: 'His first step was the delegation [of all authority to the Lord] [tafwid], and compliance [with His decree] [muwafaqa], in the complete renunciation of all claims to personal power and strength. His procedure consisted in the shedding of attachments [tajrid], the affirmation of Divine Oneness [tawhid], and total concentration on singular devotion [tafrid], combined with presence at the time of worshipful servitude ['ubudiyya], standing with an innermost being [sirr] in the position of servanthood ['abdiyya], not because of anything, nor for the sake of anything [other than ALLAH ]. His worshipful servitude ['ubudiyya] was derived from the sheer perfection of Lordship [Rububiyya], for he was a servant ['abd] who had transcended the companionship of differentiation [musahabat at-tafriqa] and risen to the celestial spheres of unification [matali' al-jam'], in full conformity with the rules of the Sacred Law [ahkam ash-Shar'].'"

The Sheikh’s passing away;
Excerpted from 'Futuh al-Ghaib' [Revelations of the Unseen]. The Sheikh’s final advice to his sons (sanctified be their innermost secrets); some valuable remarks he made; his last illness and death (may ALLAH be well pleased with him, and grant him contentment.)
When the Shaykh (may ALLAH be content with him and grant him contentment) was in the throes of the illness of which he died, his son 'Abd al-Wahhab (sanctified be his innermost secret) said to him: "O my master, leave me with some advice to put into practice after you are gone." To this he replied (may ALLAH be well pleased with him, and grant him contentment):
"You must observe your duty to ALLAH (Almighty and Glorious is He), fear no one but ALLAH, pin your hopes on no one but ALLAH, and entrust all your needs to ALLAH (Almighty and Glorious is He). Do not rely on anyone but Him, address all your requests to Him (Exalted is He), and put your trust in no one other than ALLAH (Glory be to Him). Affirm His Oneness. All is contained within the affirmation of His Oneness."
He (may ALLAH be well pleased with him, and grant him contentment) also said:
"When the heart is as it should be with ALLAH (Almighty and Glorious is He), it wants for nothing and contains nothing superfluous."
The following descriptions have also been reported: His son Shaykh 'Abd al-Jabbar (sanctified be his innermost secret) asked him: "Which part of your body gives you pain?" He (may ALLAH be well pleased with him) replied:
"All my organs are hurting me except my heart. There is no pain there, for it is with ALLAH (Almighty and Glorious is He)."
Then death came to him, as he (may ALLAH be well pleased with him) was saying:
"I seek help in the words: 'There is none worthy of worship but ALLAH, Glorified and Exalted is He, the Ever-Living Who has no fear of passing away. Glory be to Him Who exults in His omnipotence, and subdues His servants with death. There is none worthy of worship but ALLAH. Muhammad is ALLAH’s Messenger.'"
His son Shaykh Musa (sanctified be his innermost secret) told us that when death approached the presence of the Shaykh (may ALLAH be well pleased with him, and grant him contentment), he was trying to say the word "ta'azzaza" ["exults"], but could not get the pronunciation right, so he kept on repeating "ta-'az-za-za," slowly and emphatically, until his tongue shot it out. Then he said: "ALLAH, ALLAH, ALLAH," till his voice grew faint and his tongue was cleaving to the roof of his mouth. Then his noble spirit went forth. The good pleasure of ALLAH (Exalted is He) be upon him!
Celebration Of Giyarveen Shareef
Hazrat Sheikh Sayyed Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)- is also lovingly referred to as the “Giyarveen wala Peer” in the sub-continent region. Celebrations of Giyarveen Shareef- which is the day of birth of Huzoor Sayyedina Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)- should be done with respect and love and honour and dignity owing to the blessedness of this occasion. There are 3 ways (Tariqa) of celebrating this blessed event:
The celebrations can start on the 10th of Rabi-ul-thaani in the night leading to the day of 11th Rabi-ul-thaani.
The celebrations can start on the day of 11th rabi-ul-thaani continuing to the night of 12th rabi-ul-thaani
Giyarveen Shareef can be celebrated any day in the holy month of Rabi-ul-thaani (rabi-ul-aakhir).
Certain sects of people claim that the celebration of this blessed event is haram and has no connection with Islam or the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Firstly- such people should be asked to produce any supporting evidence either from the Holy Quran or in the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- because to state whether something is halal or haram- one has to offer proof in support of their claims. But alas! For them- they have no claim to back their baseless and unjustified words.
Giyarveen Shareef is a “Khairaat”- which means precious blessings or blessed treasures- which is done in the name of ALLAH (SWT) and on the instructions and the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). All arrangements are made for this blessed occasion because Huzoor-e-Kareem –Muhammad (PBUH) has mentioned that there are two duties in Islam incumbent on every muslim which if he/she does- will be the basis of Infinite blessings and mercy. They are:
To say salaam (greetings) on everyone- whom you know and whom you don’t know.
To serve/feed food or to share food with others.
If the above two duties are done with the sole intention of earning ALLAH’s(SWT) pleasure and Mercy- then a reward is generated in the ‘bargah-e-Ilaahi’ – Court of ALLAH(SWT) which is endless in nature and bountiful in means and is full of purity and nobleness due to the deed that is carried out- if accepted. Then this good deed of a person is presented in the court of Ghaus-paak (RA) as a gift, a present. So, the question now is, is this legitimate, a ‘jaiz’ act as per the Sharia’h and Quran. Yes, indeed it is.
The Holy Quran says; “Fastabiqul-khairaat” – this is a general order for one and for all, which is to race with each other in the act of carrying out good deeds and every good deed is considered to be a blessed treasure in the eyes of ALLAH (SWT).
The Holy Quran also mentions; “Yusaarioona fil-khairaat” – to carry out good deeds in an infinite manner and the deeds can be either in the form of clothing someone, feeding someone, praying or giving Giyarveen Shareef – such are the signs of pious and God-fearing people who want to increase the taqwa in their hearts. A person cannot limitise good deeds or actions as ALLAH’s religion is comprehensive and simple- hence to say that good deeds Only refer to praying or clothing, etc is wrong.
The basic difference between Sadaqah and Khairaat is that while Sadaqah is limited to only the needy, the poor, orphans and widows who are financially weak or physically impaired and that Sadaqah is given as a means to ward off evil or some other problems or calamity that might affect a person and to earn the contentment of ALLAH (SWT) whereas Khairaat can be given or shared with everyone irrespective of their financial status or needs. And Khairaat is done solely with the intention of pleasing ALLAH (SWT) and in reward of this act of good deed- ALLAH (SWT) in HIS Infinite Glory and Might removes calamities and other problems and hardships that might have otherwise come our way.
The people who claim that Giyarveen Shareef is haram since, anything is haram if the act is done for anyone else except ALLAH (SWT). So, lets clear out a main issue where the Quran mentions that anything done for “Ghair-ul-ALLAH” is forbidden- Awliya ALLAH are different from Ghair-ul-ALLAH as Ghair-ul-ALLAH are the ones with no connection to ALLAH (SWT). Nabi-ul-ALLAH and Rasool-ul-ALLAH are different than Ghair-ul-ALLAH. The merits and benefits of the companionship and remembrance of Nabi-ul-ALLAH and Rasool-ul-ALLAH is different from Ghair-ul-ALLAH. The association of Awliya ALLAH, swaliheen, shuhadaa and its benefits are different from that of Ghair-ul-ALLAH. In the Holy Quran –wherever the term, “Ghair-ul-ALLAH” has been mentioned- it refers to idols, statues. Because the Glaring truth is that Nabi-ul-ALLAH, Rasool-ul-ALLAH, Awliya ALLAH, Swaliheen. Shuhadaa, Siddiqeen are all made and created by ALLAH whereas the idols, statues- which are the Ghair-ul-ALLAH are created and made by human beings.
Hence, to say that those created by ALLAH (SWT) and owned by HIM and loved by HIM are the same as the ones created by man himself and thereby disowned and shunned by ALLAH are the same is not only Ignorance at its heights but also it is baseless, unjustified and absolutely senseless and pure rot.
The Holy Quran commands everyone to keep company with the pious, the good- whilst mentioning at the same time that the pious, the good are the Swaliheen, Siddiqeen, Shuhadaa and the Awliya ALLAH. So, how is it possible that the Quran commands us to carry out one act whilst some people say that the Quran condemns it!
In Surah Yunus- ALLAH (SWT) says that:
"Ala inna Awliya
'ALLAH-i la khawfun aalayhim waa la hum yahzanoona"
"Lo! Verily the friends of ALLAH! No fear comes upon them, nor
shall they grieve."
Surah Yunus
In the above-mentioned ayahs- the friends of ALLAH (SWT) – the Awliya ALLAH are given protection and guarantee from ALLAH-The Almighty Himself. ALLAH- Exalted is HE- goes on to say in the same Surah that such people are promised good tidings here and in the hereafter.
People say that partaking of the food of Giyarveen Shareef is haram because this is done on the name of Hazrat Sheikh Sayyed Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA). This is a blasphemous lie! Everything prepared for the Giyarveen Shareef and included in the Giyarveen Shareef is done in the name of ALLAH (SWT) and as mentioned earlier is done as per the commands and instructions of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and is the “husn”- beauty of our religion.
This is the Sunnah not only of our Beloved –Leader of the Worlds- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but also a practice, a Sunnah of Hazrat Sayyedina Ibrahim (AS). When any animal is slaughtered for the purpose of consumption in the Giyarveen Shareef- takbeer is read over it- Bismillahi ALLAH-u-Akbar. So, the animals slaughtered for the occasion of Giyarveen Shareef are slaughtered the same way as animals are slaughtered for the occasion of Aqeeqa and the animals are slaughtered the same way for the occasion of Giyarveen Shareef as animals slaughtered for ritual or obligatory sacrifices as done in the blessed month of Dhul-Hijjah.
Animals slaughtered for Aqeeqa are done on behalf of the child in the name of ALLAH and animals slaughtered as obligatory sacrifices are done as per the Sunnah of Hazrat-e-Sayyedina Ibrahim (AS) Khalil-ul-ALLAH and the Leader of Prophets- Huzoor-e-Kareem, rauf-ur-raheem Muhammad-e-Mustafa (PBUH) from our sides in the name of ALLAH (SWT). The same way for Giyarveen Shareef- it is done from our side as per the Islamic Tariqa to earn the pleasure and contentment of ALLAH and is sacrificed in the name of ALLAH and to follow the practices of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) practically-& to send the sawaab to Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA).
Hazrat Imam-ul-waqt Peer Syed Mahmood Shah Muhaddis Hazarvi said in his Urdu poetry in which he quotes about Giyarveen Shareef:

Teri Giyarveen ki mashoor hain barkaten
Kab maanta hain koi bekaar- ghous-e-azam


The blessings of Giyarveen Shareef are famous
But where do the useless & nonsense people believe- Ghaus-ul-Azam

Giyarveen Shareef principally is that table-cloth of blessings in abundance which Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) asked ALLAH (SWT) for his progeny in his dua- “Ya ALLAH- inspire love in the hearts of your “makhluq” beings for my progeny so that people come towards them and give them sustenance from fruits so as to serve the ones who come towards them”. Hazrat Sheikh Sayyed Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) is from the line of Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) which connects to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) & the duas which Ibrahim (AS) asked for his progeny- reaches Huzoor-e-Kareem Muhammad (PBUH) & then gets distributed from there onwards which includes many barakaat & blessings and there is an increase in the blessings and rehmat owing to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- it then reached to Hazrat Sayyedina Imam Hassan (AS) & Sayyeda-as-Shuhadaa Imam Hussein (AS) which then goes on to Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA). This is the same table cloth of blessings which ALLAH (SWT) placed in the hujuraat (private residences) of Hazrat Sayyed Ibrahim (AS)-Khalil-ul-ALLAH & then spread its length and barakaat till the darbar of Huzoor–e-Kareem Rauf-ur-raheem Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) & then from the blessed darbar (courts ) of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it has reached the blessed darbar of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani-(RA) so the reality is ONE- wherever this One table-cloth of goodness and blessing has reached- the names have changed but the reality remains the same. Just like water- if it is evaporated then it becomes clouds & if it falls then we call it rain & if it seeps into the ground then it becomes an underground well and if its emerges from a small nook or a cranny up high in the mountains then it is termed as a waterfall & if it falls somewhere where it starts to flow it becomes a lake and if many lakes join together-then it becomes a river & if rivers come together they form a sea. Now, everywhere- the taste of water is different be it as rain, waterfall, streams, rivers or seas & if it comes from Hazrat Ismail (AS) heels- then it is called “aabe zam-zam”. The same way- Water is in English, ‘aab’ is in Farsi, ‘maa’ is in Arabic & ‘paani’ is in Urdu or Hindi- just by changing the name the essence of it does not change. The same way Giyarveen Shareef is “the table-cloth of blessings and abundance” of Ibrahim (AS) & Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- ,i.e. langare- Ibrahimi & Langare Muhammadi(PBUH). And which with special love and respect and as a reward has been called- langar-e-Ghausia & this fact is also prevalent because only in lineage- inheritance is given, i.e ‘nasal main hi wirasat jaati hai’ and on the possessions of ones’ parents- the rights and the names of the children are only kept.

Hence, don’t deny Giyarveen Shareef and keep proper respect of it –for the sake of ALLAH (SWT) & HIS beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and for the love of HIS Awliya. Accept the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) & ALLAH’s Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and do this good deed as a Muslim gets multiple and ongoing benefits and sawab from these good deeds.

So, go ahead- spread that table-cloth and invite one and invite all in the name of ALLAH (SWT), to earn HIS pleasure and contentment and to follow the practices/ Sunnah of Hazrat Sayyed Ibrahim (AS)-Khaleel-ul-ALLAH and Huzoor-e-Kareem Muhammad-e-Mustafa (PBUH). Declare your love for ALLAH (SWT) by associating with the ones HE loves and declaring this through good deeds done in ALLAH’s way Only but by sending the sawaab to HIS loved ones.

May ALLAH (SWT) strengthen our Imaan and Taqwa and keep us on the Straight path and may HE bestow HIS endless blessings during this blessed month for the sake of the progeny of HIS beloved Messenger- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA).

Ya Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Shai-an-Lillah!