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نوائے وقت کے مطابق ۔

منیٰ (خصوصی رپورٹ) پاکستان سے تعلق رکھنے والے ایک دیہاتی نے اپنی چار بیویوں کو اکٹھے حج کروا کر حق مہر ادا کردیا۔ اس سال حج کی سعادت حاصل کرنیوالے سعودی عرب آنیوالے 18 لاکھ غیرملکیوں اور ایک لاکھ 80 ہزار پاکستانیوں میں وہ واحد شخص ہے جس نے اپنی چار بیویوں کے ہمراہ حج کیا۔ سعودی گزٹ کے مطابق میر حسین نامی اس شخص کی چاروں شادیوں کے وقت بیویوں کا حق مہر انہیں قرآن پاک حفظ کروانا اور انہیں حج کیلئے لے جانا مقرر ہوا تھا۔ میر حسین کی پہلی شادی 15 سال کی عمر میں ہوئی جب اس نے قرآن پاک حفظ کیا تو اسکے چچا نے خوش ہو کر اپنی بیٹی زینب کا اسکے ساتھ نکاح کردیا۔ میر حسین نے بتایا کہ وہ اپنا حق مہر ادا کرنے اور چاروں بیویوں سے کیا گیا وعدہ پورا کرنے کیلئے انہیں حج پر لیکر آیا ہے۔ میر حسین انتہائی متاثر کن انداز میں قرآن پاک کی تلاوت کرتا ہے۔۔
عکاظ اخبار کی رپورٹ دیکھیں ۔۔
امیر حسین ۔چاربیویوں کے ساتھ (http://www.okaz.com.sa/new/Issues/20121029/Con20121029543669.htm)

سعودی گزٹ لکھتا ھے۔

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

MINA – “Half of their dowries was memorizing the Holy Qur’an and the other half was taking them to the holy land,” said Mir Hussein, a Pakistani national, about his four wives who performed Haj with him.

Hussein is known among his folk for his beautiful Qur’an recitation to the extent that many of the town’s residents wish to marry their daughters to him.

Hussein, who hails from a remote Pakistani town, married his first wife Zainab, who is also his cousin, when he memorized the Holy Qur’an at the age of 15. She was his uncle’s gift to him.

He married Hafsa, his second wife, for a dowry of several rupees and a promise to take her for Haj. He gave the same promise to the brother of his third wife, Zulaikha, when he married her.

As to Sajidah, his fourth wife, he married her after he led Isha prayers in one of the mosques while visiting another Pakistani town for some personal work.

Hussein was reciting some verses of the Holy Qur’an. When he completed his recitation an old man came close to him and sat down. He praised Hussein’s melodious recitation. The old man was so impressed that he held Hussein’s hands and offered him his daughter in marriage provided he taught her the Qur’an, even after learning from their conversation that Hussein already had three wives and 15 sons and daughters from them.

While marrying Sajidah, who is 12 years younger than him, Hussein promised her that her dowry would be a copy of the Holy Qur’an from “the land of the two holy mosques”, apart from a pilgrimage. They have been blessed with five sons.

Hussein said he came to Haj accompanied by his four wives to fulfill his promise and pay off his dowry commitments.

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